About Us
     We have been in the business of traditional timber framing in Northeastern Pennsylvania for more than 18 years. We are dedicated to the preservation, restoration, re-design and relocation of barn, early house and outbuildings. We transform traditional timber frames into timeless, functioning, inspirational spaces using local resources - human and natural - combined with sustainable building practices.
     We design and consult on traditional timber frames. Services include traditional timber frame interpretation and traditional timber frame problem solving and prioritization of needs.
     John McNamara is a Traditional Timberframe Research and Advisory Group (TTRAG) member since 1996. Contibuting to a shared informational dialogue and peer-reviewed presentations, TTRAG is leading to a greater understanding and awareness of traditional timber frames.
Artist’s Studio (unfinished) • Silver Lake, Pennsylvania
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McNamara Construction • RR 1, Box 1368 • Friendsville, PA 18818 • 570-553-2432• email

Photo by Van Zandbergen Photography